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Why is it called Teacher Dare Day when it's more like Teacher Truth Day? I admit I was a little disappointed when I read the rules. It's still an awesome idea, though. Love it!

Asked by varenykyforever

I originally dared people to go out and get to know other teachers on Tumblr.  Probably long before you were on tumblr — before there was an education tag.  I did this from my main tumblr, and moved it to team teachers once it was created (it is a group tumblr run by GWALP, World-Shaker and myself).   So it stuck.  We have done actual Truth or Dare days before — but not many of the dares were done.  I’m open to trying it again.

I’m glad you love it.   But, to be honest (and you’re just the last straw that broke the camel’s back), I am getting tired of people complaining, admitting they are disappointed, or asking for special consider in regards to the ideas or projects I spend a lot of time thinking of and getting people involved with.

If you have a fabulous idea, use it.  You want to make a suggestion?  I’m open to it.  But, I do not work for Tumblr.  I am not paid for any of my ideas or time.  This blog is run on the free time and general desire to grow this community by those behind it.

Please be respectful of that (again, this is not all directed at you Varenykyforever).