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TUMBLR! As you may have heard, our very own positivelypersistentteach lost her cousin last Thursday. She lives far from her family and, as a dedicated preK teacher in Florida, has very little extra money for last-minute traveling.

Look, teaching is hard. And stressful. And demanding. Managing a budget as a single adult teacher is almost as difficult as the job we do in the classroom even when things are going well. Trying to cope with the grief and stress of a family loss while long distance while teaching while living on a teacher’s budget is just…unimaginable, frankly.

novicephoenix has begun this Indiegogo campaign to help PPT get a flight home for her cousin’s funeral.

Please contribute. $1, $5, $20. PPT has given so much to us, and gives everything she has in her classroom every. single. day. The least we can do is help her get home.


Please PLEASE help this pillar of our community! I have seen so much wonderful happen here, let’s do it again!

Please help if you can.

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I have about 25 people to e-mail about buddies.

I’m glad everyone is so excited.  I’ve spent several hours working on this project the past few days.  I apologize to those who have to wait another day, but life happens. Please, please do not e-mail me asking for your buddy info.   Please ONLY panic or contact me after I send out a message saying everyone has been sent their buddy info.