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How to Find that Old Post on Your Tumblr Blog

"It was that post about that one thing that I shared back in March. Or maybe September? ARGH!"

The trouble with Tumblr blogs is that they’re not easily searchable. Sure, you can use tags to navigate around. But tags on Tumblr encourage you to look at things that are being posted now, not several months ago. This is especially problematic for those of you who post educational things to your blogs to “save them for later.” But if you want some real help tracking down that old post you’re looking for, you can actually just Google it.

Tumblr blogs are public by default, so your blog has likely been indexed by Google. To perform a search of just your blog, type this into Google:

Add a space, then type whatever you’re looking for. It’s that simple, and the results will be exclusively from your blog.

Here’s a sample Google search for posts on my blog about pedagogy:

On a sidenote, this also works for any website that has been indexed by Google, which is a helpful research strategy if you’re having trouble finding content on a specific site.

Protip: Make judicious use of tags in all your posts to make it as easy as possible to find what you’re looking for down the road.