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Sign-Ups for June-July-August Tumblr Buddies!

Please e-mail the following to positivelypt (at) gmail (dot) com

*Note:  I am unable to reassign buddies mid-round.  You get who you get, so please DO NOT sign up if there’s a chance you won’t be able to follow through on your end of the bargain.  This is a short round, so it is easier for some to participate.  For those that travel a lot — maybe not so much.

  1. Tumblr name: 
  2. Address to mail items:
  3. Are you willing to mail to a participant outside of the U.S.:  
  4. Grade Level: 
  5. Subject Taught: 
  6. Favorite Color: 
  7. Favorite Candy: 
  8. Favorite Food: 
  9. When I want to treat myself, I 
  10. Interests outside of teaching: 
  11. Guilty Pleasure: 
  12. Anything else you want your buddy to know?
  13. T-shirt size:
  14. Please list any buddies you have already had so that I do not have to go searching through e-mails for that information. 

Please remember, the person who has you is not the same as the person you have.  Requests for specific people make assignments too time consuming.

The deadline to sign up is May 29th.